Lemon Projectiles

Dodge! Dip! Duck! Dive! Dodge! I think I have discovered why dodgeball is such an important game to excel at! What is that phrase that is commonly said to remind you to think positively in negative and stressful situations? “When life gives you lemons…make lemonade.” What a lovely metaphor, if only that was really what happens. Real talk for a minute… Life doesn’t hand you anything! Seriously, projectiles are flying all over the place, and the only thing we can do is find something to hide behind to try and devise our plan to address the issues being thrown at us. Oh what I world it would be if everything difficult in life was slowly introduced to us so that we would have the time to figure out how we are going to tackle the task. I guess that there are times that happens, but it is almost a cruel joke because I feel this happens when there is no positive outcome.

I know that this idea may not be relevant to all , but I know it is extremely relevant for me. I mean that in the most literal sense. I was driving home one day, and Henry was Crabby McCrabberson! I mean there was no pleasing this kid. As we were driving through George Bush Park, a shoe came flying on the dashboard. Luckily, it did not hit me, and then I felt a thud on the back of my chair… the other shoe had thankful missed. In this moment, I could feel the anger rising and the response about to be explosive, and then something came over me. I turned and calmly explained to Henry that was very dangerous. We could have been hurt among other things. Like most children during those crabapple days, I am sure he was hearing “blah blah blah blah….” We continued home and the day finished without a hitch. That evening I was pondering my new life and of course I started thinking about dodgeball. I am sure that come about since the movie was on TV! HA! Life is like a giant, ongoing game of dodgeball. Of course the object of this game is to get through life as unscathed as possible. There are lots of lemons that you will be able to dodge, but there will be those times when you take one right in the kisser, stomach, etc. This is the time to rely on those people in your life that are close to you, friends and family. They are out there are the court working to help get you back into the game, supporting you. So when you are ready to get back in the game; you are surrounded by the confidence and love of those around you.

Life does throw things at you a millions miles and hour, and it affects each one of us differently. The beautiful thing is all of these “lemons” are thrown at exactly the right time and for some type of purpose! I realized that Adam’s passing helped really put my life in perspective. It MADE me re-evaluate my priorities and move forward with relationship and unfortunately leave some behind. It required me to evolve in order to push forward and get back into the game. Like all those projectiles, we have to take them with a grain of salt, and be open to the lesson that they are providing. All of these things did not happen overnight and some lessons are still unfolding in my situation, but I am thankful for the group of friends and family that have just been with me throughout the entire time and reminding me that I am capable of all that I want to accomplish!

Remember to dodge the negative thoughts that spring up during tough times. Remember to dip into your support system when you need some added assistance. Remember to duck into the shelter of love shared by your family when you need a confidence booster. Don’t forget to dive into your healing with all your might knowing that you are able to accomplish everything you set your mind to. And most important DO NOT dodge the lessons that should be learned!

K. Marin

2 thoughts on “Lemon Projectiles

  1. Kari,
    This is such a good read and reminder for all of us.
    I am so grateful you are sharing your thoughts with us…you are a great teacher. In addition, I appreciate knowing how you are.
    Hugs to you. Mama Kerr.

    Liked by 1 person

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