An Angelic Anthem

Hello my love,

I can’t believe that is has been ten months since you were ready to depart this life. I know you have been with us every step of this journey, but I assure it has been so incredibly difficult. Not being able to feel your touch or hear you voice has been down right torture, but I have to say your son is so incredible. Adam, I know that I may not understand why our circumstances are what they are, but I am trusting that there is a bigger plan. I am so thankful for all of the beautiful memories that we were able to make. I assure you that you will always be a part of our son’s life. I know you can see the life that we are working to build, and we are so blessed with the incredibly strong foundation you provided us. As I look back on different moments in the past, I just keep thinking about all the times you would ask me if I could do something( change an air filter, or use a drill , or perhaps any other task you could think of). I am not going to lie… dude it drove me nuts. However, today, I am so glad that you insisted on me showing you. You helped sharpen my ability to be independent. I also think you did this at times, to show how much I “needed” you. Sometimes, you would forget that I didn’t need you, but I wanted you. What we had was true and rooted deep, and that made you being called home and leaving us here so unbearable. When I feel overwhelmed I am quick to get upset at you for leaving me, but then I remember that it is not always up to us. So, I guess the whole point of this is to say thank you! Thank you for teaching me that I have my own worth and that I deserved to be loved for me. Thank you for always supporting me in all my endeavors. Thank you for never forgetting to tell me how much I meant to you. Thank you for being my other half for the time that you were here. I know you will always follow us where ever we are, constantly keeping an eye on us. I expect nothing less. I love you to infinity and beyond Adam. Although time will change the circumstances, my feelings and heart will forever be yours.


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