Through The Wormhole

It is so hard to believe that my kid is going to be three in just under a month. How is this even possible?!?! It seems like only yesterday I was holding him for the first time… EVER! Watching him hit all the milestones is quite extraordinary! I am amazed at how quickly Henry learns and grows. Time seems just zoom by in the blink of an eye. There are many things that have transpired since we first brought our precious boy home. Some of those have been difficult to take and made life a million times harder, but time marches on. From his first words to his first steps this journey has been exhausting but so rewarding. Year one flew by faster than the speed of light. I’m not sure if it was the long nights or the excitement of the having him in our lives that caused the time warp. Year two is quickly approaching its end, and then year three will begin. Its amazing everything I have learned from him, and continue to learn everyday.

Our days are our numbered. That is just a fact. It is easy to wish for more time, but the reality is you just need to focus on the quality versus the quantity. Unfortunately, this was lesson that I learned far too late. It is so easy to become complacent in our day to day lives. We are just going with the flow and following our routine. This is helps keep things manageable, but can also cause us to forget to use the time we have wisely. As A single mother now, I am finding that I have difficult choices to make regarding my time. Do I do the dishes that I have soiled while making dinner or do I just let them be to catch a few extra moments with my son? Honestly, I can say that is not really a relevant question for me. After Adam passed I had so much guilt regarding the quality of the time that we spent together. Determined to not make the same mistake twice, I am making the choice to spend all the time I have with my kid. Sure, that causes some anxiety as I look at the laundry that piles up or the kitchen that needs to be cleaned, but I never regret my choice in any shape or form. It won’t be long before he won’t want me to be play with him, watch a movie together, or read a book with him, so I am determined to soak up every moment that I am given! These last few years have really opened my eyes to how quickly time flies. I am not even considered “ over the hill” so shouldn’t time move just a tad bit slower… I’m still climbing that hill… DANG IT! HAHA YEAH RIGHT!

Life is fleeting and death is eminent. I know this sounds dark, but it is the truth. We have a choice to make. Will you be one of those that rejoices in their blessings and is content? Will you be one those that wallow in unhappiness to busy coveting what someone else has. You only have one life and you don’t know how long that will last. Live well, love often, and being thankful for what you have. Which person will you be when you enter the wormhole?

K. Marin

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