Alright, who of you are extremely hard on yourself about anything and everything? How many of you get anxious because you didn’t accomplish all that you wanted to in a day? Wish for more hours in the day? Well let me tell you, I am every one of those and more. I constantly found myself completely overwhelmed by the expectation I had of myself and my life. A life changing event, a death, made me open eyes. I had to let go of what I thought my life should be and start embracing what life I had. I started to understand I wasn’t truly living life. Don’t let your wants drive your life. Take the bull by the horns and show life who makes the rules.

Okay, they best way to describe my life is chaotic. I am still trying to figure it all out. Everyday I am completely overwhelmed everyday, but I won’t change it for the world. The thing that overwhelms me the most is and forever will be my greatest accomplishment. I’m seriously this boy knows how to really blow my mind. For example, he wanted to take a bath early one day. I thought hey this is great he hasn’t napped one minute… EARLY BEDTIME?!?!? ( A mom can dream right?) I was in the office starting to plan for the school year and I heard Henry say, ” Mommy, I’m done. I’m ready to get out.” Mind you I am just a room away and can hear everything! As I walked into the bathroom, my son had washed his face with the toilet water… I mean seriously?!?!? Of course he said I need to take a shower and clean up. If that didn’t make me second guess my parenting, I don’t know what could! Needless to say, Henry was clean, fed, and happy as can be, so that day was a win in my book! By looking at it this way my life is composed of 99% good days, so I should always feel accomplished. Henry is my number one priority and as long and he is healthy and happy I am #winning!

I feel like this is a recurring theme in my posts, but understanding the importance of seeing the positives is key. This doesn’t mean I don’t get frustrated with things throughout the day or have a horrible day at work, but I have to look at the important things when evaluating my day. I know it is difficult to see the light, when every where you turn (Media, Radio, Social Media, etc) there is so much negativity, pain, and hate. We all know that this can negativity affect our lives if we allow it. I am not saying be oblivious to the goings on in the world, but I am saying make sure you are spending your time and energy on what matters. You may be thinking, but I already do that. Do you really? It is necessary for us to re-evaluate and do it often when it comes to priorities. Things happen on a daily basis that require it! Think of your priorities like the stock market. They are constantly changing, and you aren’t monitoring your “portfilio” you could be putting energy where you won’t see a return. Be vigilant my friends. Here is something you can use to determine if you have won the day. Review each thing that transpired, if there is one thing that will put a smile on your face then you are VICTORIOUS!!!

K. Marin

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