Forever Together

In the blink of an eye you have gone

God called you home because your work here was done.

I still hope to see you walk through the door.

How I still long to hold you just once more.

My heart continues to ache in your absence,

Yet I rejoyce daily that you have entered God’s presence.

I take comfort every night knowing you have your wing and soar.

No matter how much I wish to here your voice once more.

I am so thank and will forever cherish the time we had,

And Henry couldn’t have had a better dad!

We will love you forever and a day.

Deep in our hearts you will forever stay.

Together for ever is how it shall be

Until we are reunited once again in eternity.

I know there is a plan

Not matter how much I just don’t understand.

Thank you for all your love and care,

In heaven, my darling, I’ll meet you there.

K. Marin

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