Love Transcends Death

“Those that we love never truly leave us. There are things that death cannot touch.”

– Jack Thorne

The emotion of love is quite remarkable! It is the most powerful emotion in the human repertoire. This emotion has the power to make you feel like you are floating or can fly, but can rip your heart faster than the blink of an eye. The greatest thing of all is it ability to cross dimensions. Oh yeah… I forgot to preface this by saying… ” Welcome to the Twilight Zone!” Whether you are grieving the loss of a close family member, friend, or maybe just someone you knew, that love will forever remain and trust me all can feel it, whether present or spiritual. It s really hard to grasp or understand that idea. Let’s take it a step further… that is a two way street. SAY WHAT?!??!!?! I know it sounds a little on the wild side, but I swear it is true… well for me at least.

When you lose someone or something incredibly close to you, it might seem like that is a door closing…but stop and take a moment to consider this… it is really? Okay, I know this may sound strange, but stay with me. When we experience loss, especially if we harbor strong feelings for the one who is gone, that means the relationship changes or evolves. It doesn’t mean it over, it just looks and feel differently. I know in a previous post I mentioned that in order to truly understand this you have to have an open mind. Stop and think for a moment… When death occurs, we are consumed with emptiness, grief, anxiety… well a boat load of emotions. It is difficult to see how the relationship is changing and easier to comprehend that it is over. Once that grief is processed… you will noticed that I said processed NOT over it our way of feeling and seeing things changes. The truth of the matter is if you truly loved that person, the grief will forever remain; you just get better at living with it…. I DIGRESS. I went though it all during my loss. Feeling nothing but pain and emptiness was exhausting. I am proud to announce that Adam and I have taken our relationship to a whole new level. Although he doesn’t sit/lay next to me and the conversations are a little one sided, he provides me with inspiration and ideas…especially when it comes to my little man. I mostly feel this when I am overwhelmed. I can’t explain it, but I can hear his soothing voice saying, ” Kari you got this. You can handle whatever is given to you.” Of course those of you who know Adam, he would also say, ” Seriously Kari, if you can handle me you can handle ANYTHING!” Cheeky dude he was! The whole point to this entire thing is that your relationship changes from physical to spiritual.

Does this mean you can’t find love again… ABSOLUTELY NOT! Does this mean this person will be replaced….NO! That love will transcend all! It will forever be a comfort to you when times get tough. It will forever be source of strength for you when you feel exhausted. Mostly importantly, there will always unconditional love flowing into your heart. What you choose to do with it… is completely up to you. The world would be quite a place if we allowed love to guide our way. Its quite an interesting theory isn’t it. What kind of world would it be? All food for thought. Love conquers all and take comfort knowing the relationship is not lost, just different

K. Marin

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