Winds of Change

I was given quite the opportunity to travel with a very dear friend to an absolutely beautiful place, Maui! It was a once in a life time experience. If you can imagine the ocean is the most piercing blue. The waves gentle connect with the shoreline and produce quite an angelic sound. Seriously, living in Texas, I have never seen such pristine beauty. This atmosphere provided an amazing place to do some deep soul searching. It allowed me to heal in ways that I never thought possible.

First of all, being in the Hawaiian islands, it’s a five hour behind Texas. So frankly the first night was a little brutal , but with the dawn came such breath taking beauty that it provided quite a wonderful opportunity. Sitting outside, listening to the wind move through the towering palm trees, the waves crashing on the shore, and no one out and about, I was able to work through some of the pain and guilt that I have been carrying with me for quite sometime. Being in a place like this brought me closer to Adam. It helped me realize it was time to let go. It’s been almost two years of hoping, praying, wishing for the circumstances to be different. It was in this place of serenity and peace, that I could take a deep breath and release all the pain and regret. Our lives are much like the ocean. Every moment there are outside forces that are working against us. The winds of changes constantly cause us to whip and swirl! Being tossed this way and that. Fighting the inevitable will forever be a losing battle, and believe I have wrestled with it for quite some time. Change will always be scary, full of anxiety, but with change comes great rewards! For the last two years, I have attempted to hold on to the person I was prior to Adam’s passing, and the honest truth is that person no longer exists. Things like this forever change you, and embracing that will help the healing process continue. If you are able I would highly recommend trying to get up just a few minutes early to thing about what change you can embrace for the day. It doesn’t have to be big, but it needs to be worthwhile.

While we were snorkeling a few of the different reefs we came across a majestic sea turtle. This creature went about his business completely unbothered by the droves of people around it. I still believe that this animal encompasses all that we should strive to be. Even with outside interference, it stayed the course. Continues swimming and following “the original plan” if you will. I also believe that Adam’s spirit animal was a turtle. That boy never did anything quickly! Ha, he may beg to differ, but I speak the truth. Although the was slow, he was steady and unwavering. My friends, we should all make a point to make this a habit. Stick to your plan, your morals, and be true to you. There will always someone or something that is trying to take you off course. Don’t let you them! Be like the turtle, steady, slow, and set on the course. This doesn’t necessarily mean that everything will always work and that OKAY!

I clearly became a little distracted, but let’s get back to it. The ocean helped remind me of who I am. It helped me to get back to my center, my core, and understand what my soul was truly seeking… peace. Inside each of us a fire burns and it is meant to be our driving force! So often we get so caught up with the hustle and bustle of life that we lose the connection! We all have such light inside of us and we are should spend more time embracing and sharing this than stiffing it. If we truly want to heal and having lasting peace, we must go back to the beginning, the to the true meaning of our existence. If you stop to listening to what your guide is telling you, there will never be a day that you are not successful and at peace with your existence!

K. Marin

4 thoughts on “Winds of Change

  1. Love this! It is truly and inspiration to me and helps me to grieve in a different way. I always keep thinking that everything should be the same since the day I lost my sweet husband. I really need to take life a little slower, I do think this would make understand what this life has in store for me. Thank you!


  2. Good for you…time heals wounds …I am glad you were in a place of peace and healing, water can do that ❤️


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