Denial and Daddy

Man, if words could completed devour a soul, I would be an empty shell. My three year old is so beyond his years, it really just amazes me….yet fuels the denial at how fast he grows. He has experienced one of the most traumatic events that a child can experience at a young age. HisContinue reading “Denial and Daddy”

M. U.

Okay, I have been seeing some things on social media that have really bothered me. I am completely amazing that there are some who have such negative opinions of working and stay at home moms. This, honestly, just makes my blood boil! I can’t imagine that this is even a thing, but of course, anythingContinue reading “M. U.”


Alright, who of you are extremely hard on yourself about anything and everything? How many of you get anxious because you didn’t accomplish all that you wanted to in a day? Wish for more hours in the day? Well let me tell you, I am every one of those and more. I constantly found myselfContinue reading “#Winning”

Beautifully Broken

Stained glass windows are some of the most beautiful artworks to look at it. There is something about the way the light shines through that is just breath taking. It is quite amazing, because all through you see all the places were the windows were broken and put back together, that is not what youContinue reading “Beautifully Broken”

The Phoenix: Rebirth

Grief is such a nasty thing, and loss is the cause of it all. The most beautiful thing is with every end there is a new beginning. With death comes life. Although it is trial by fire and eventually that fire consumes all, from those ashes something new is nutured. The last few months, IContinue reading “The Phoenix: Rebirth”

The Phoenix: Ashes

Just when I thought it couldn’t get any worse… it did. Sure the my life was no longer engulfed in flames, but now it was completely destroyed. My vision and life were utterly destroyed. My world had lost all of its luster. My soul was completely broken and only a part of me was inContinue reading “The Phoenix: Ashes”

The Phoenix: Flames

As we approach the first anniversary of my dear Adam’s passing, I have spent many days and nights pondering the years ups, downs, emotions, feelings, and most importantly my personal growth. These next few posts will be breaking down my year of grief and first year of being a single parent. Get ready for aContinue reading “The Phoenix: Flames”

Henry’s Hymn

My dear sweet boy, In just a few short days you will be three! I can’t even begin to process where the time has gone. This is such an amazing milestone, wild man. You have tackled every obstacle that has been laid before you. I am so impressed with your skill to problem solve. IContinue reading “Henry’s Hymn”

Dark Matter

We are quickly approach the anniversary of Adam’s passing. The anxiety is high and the grief is extremely heavy. As I look back on all of the things that have transpired since that devastating day, I have a few thoughts I would like to share. For those of you who have experienced any loss ofContinue reading “Dark Matter”


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