Henry’s Hymn

My dear sweet boy, In just a few short days you will be three! I can’t even begin to process where the time has gone. This is such an amazing milestone, wild man. You have tackled every obstacle that has been laid before you. I am so impressed with your skill to problem solve. IContinue reading “Henry’s Hymn”

Dark Matter

We are quickly approach the anniversary of Adam’s passing. The anxiety is high and the grief is extremely heavy. As I look back on all of the things that have transpired since that devastating day, I have a few thoughts I would like to share. For those of you who have experienced any loss ofContinue reading “Dark Matter”

The Power of Will

If any of you read my post regarding how death changes you and enjoyed it, I certainly hope you will find this post enlightening. Death is extremely toxic to those who have to experience it, however our will power is our driving force to overcome. As difficult as it is to work through all theContinue reading “The Power of Will”

Pappaw’s Present

I am no stranger to loss, but I have suffered another devastating blow. My mother’s father, to all grandchildren, Pappaw passed away on May 20th. This man was one of the most amazing people on the planet. To me, he was something really special! This man was the best story teller, fiddle player, and grandfatherContinue reading “Pappaw’s Present”

Through The Wormhole

It is so hard to believe that my kid is going to be three in just under a month. How is this even possible?!?! It seems like only yesterday I was holding him for the first time… EVER! Watching him hit all the milestones is quite extraordinary! I am amazed at how quickly Henry learnsContinue reading “Through The Wormhole”

An Angelic Anthem

Hello my love, I can’t believe that is has been ten months since you were ready to depart this life. I know you have been with us every step of this journey, but I assure it has been so incredibly difficult. Not being able to feel your touch or hear you voice has been downContinue reading “An Angelic Anthem”

Toxicity of Loss

Death doesn’t just change your circumstances, routine, or status…it changes you! I am still trying to determine if this change is for the better or worse. This complication of life really knows how to drag us to our lowest…or so we thought. Perhaps it is not the the situation that involves death, but the griefContinue reading “Toxicity of Loss”


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