In a previous post I made the comment that strength could be a super power, but if that is true than that would me a super hero! How awesome is that!!! Except…. Everyone knows that super heroes have a weakness. My kryptonite is my anger if feel towards my situation. I understand that this seems … Continue reading Kryptonite

Break the Chains

Fear is a feeling that can be both productive and destructive at the same time, but there is something so much more dangerous lurking in plain sight. Complacency! As humans, we naturally fall into a rhythm and routine and there is nothing wrong with it…unless you stop paying attention to the little things. Being thankful … Continue reading Break the Chains

All Single… No Mingle!

Honestly, this is the most recent change of heart I have had. Within the last few weeks I have been contemplating why I have to put my marital status as widowed. I mean is it really necessary? What’s the difference if I identify as single rather that a widow? What sparked this train of though … Continue reading All Single… No Mingle!

Sucker Punched

Dealing with loss is not something that I am unfamiliar with. Unfortunately, someone who I worked with passed away unexpectedly yesterday afternoon. I had not known him long, but believe me when I say… he left a lasting impact! I am saddened at the unexpected turn of events. I am angry that this is the … Continue reading Sucker Punched

Your Forever Roommate

Okay, so I know that I have mentioned this previously, but since we have might have some newcomers, I feel like I can touch base on this again, but in much more detail. Grief, once experienced, becomes a permanent resident. No matter how much growth you make, how solid you feel in your new relationship, … Continue reading Your Forever Roommate

So Little Time

When we are young it feels as if a day last year, and a year is an eternity. We are reckless, wild, and take risks with every breath. When we age, and become more wiser…hopefully HAHAHA… we begin to cherish all the time that we have. We are just as happy being at home surrounded … Continue reading So Little Time

Love Transcends Death

“Those that we love never truly leave us. There are things that death cannot touch.” – Jack Thorne The emotion of love is quite remarkable! It is the most powerful emotion in the human repertoire. This emotion has the power to make you feel like you are floating or can fly, but can rip your … Continue reading Love Transcends Death

I Smell Children

Well for some of us school has already started. Routines are becoming habits and its “balls to the wall” pretty much every second of every day. There really doesn’t seem to be enough hours in the day. But that really isn’t the point is it. Let’s talk a little about how it feels being an … Continue reading I Smell Children

Forever Together

In the blink of an eye you have gone God called you home because your work here was done. I still hope to see you walk through the door. How I still long to hold you just once more. My heart continues to ache in your absence, Yet I rejoyce daily that you have entered … Continue reading Forever Together


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