M. U.

Okay, I have been seeing some things on social media that have really bothered me. I am completely amazing that there are some who have such negative opinions of working and stay at home moms. This, honestly, just makes my blood boil! I can’t imagine that this is even a thing, but of course, anything is possible in our society it seems. A mom’s job is difficult enough, and seeing such disheartening and sometimes straight up nasty things posted or shared just brings me to my knees. We can’t even begin to understand other’s circumstances….well not truly so who are we to judge!

I have always been a working mom, not because I wanted to, but because of necessity. In order for my husband and I to provided the life we wanted for our son we both felt we needed to work. I assure you that this did not make me love my son any less. Frankly I feel like I just treasured the time we spent together that much more. Being a working mom does not translate to “wanting someone else to raise my kid”, ” Putting my career in front of my family”, or loving them any less. I look at it more like I am exposing him to the real world. Sure, I did this when he was six weeks old, but I have a great daycare and this allowed Henry to become very socialized and start building that immune system. My family always came first. If Henry was sick or required me to be at home with him, I was. I wouldn’t even do so much as to check my email most of the time. If I was home… I WAS HOME. Although I spend less that 24 hours a day with my kid, he is still my priority and I continue to work with him on many things even when I am exhausted. Kudos to you working moms, who have a full time or part time job and come home exhausted, but continue to parent your children and loving them each and everyday. YOU ARE AMAZING!

Now, let me just start by saying, I don’t know how you stay at home moms do it. I can’t imagine spending 24 hours a day with my kid. Granted, I am pretty sure Henry has a little separation anxiety, but you guys are BEASTS! It is not easy constantly being pulled in a million different directions all day long. You all have the patience of Job, and I applaud you. I wish I could go into more detail of what it is like, but honestly I don’t know. I do work in education so I guess I barely scratch the surface in the summer…in just those few months I am ready for daycare to be open again! You guys are the professional jugglers of “momming” and self care. I am just thoroughly impressed with your skills! Keep doing what your doing!

My entire point is this..us moms need to stick together!! Whether you have a career, need to work to make ends meat, or are able to stay at home with your littles… YOU ARE A ROCKSTAR!!!!!! Those who are throwing shade one way or another are more than likely just bitter with their situation, but please don’t let it get you down. Embrace your situation! Be a mom with pride and lift up your fellow moms! As I said before, we can never truly understand what someone is going through, but we can band together and provide an unending support system that allows us all to be successful.


-K. Marin

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